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The Richardson family has a legacy of being persistent, generation after generation, making an imprint in the world. From entertainers, sculptors, travelers, performers and more.


Despite the current events that are happening, the family has sought a way to create wealth and pass down the legacy to the next generation.


Thee Rich Girls were inspired when I asked my granddaughter what she wanted to do with her life. I was concerned and saw her life going in a different direction. She replied, "I wouldn't mind selling lip gloss." 


As the matriach in the family, I knew I was everyone's motivation always encouraging them to do better and their future would be bright. I thought I would take it a step further and start a company called "Thee Rich Girls" named after the young women in my family. With the help of my niece we were able to bring our ideas into fruition.




Thee Team.JPG

Thee team is a collaborative of everyday girls, just like you:


Mothers, students, musicians, hard workers, writers, and filmmakers. Together these girls are not only building a brand but their futures...

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